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"Over two hundred years ago the American Revolution shattered the British Empire in North America...."


Not all of the inhabitants of the Thirteen Colonies opposed Britain.  The United Empire Loyalists were those colonists who remained faithful to the Crown and wished to continue living in the New World.  Therefore, they left their homes to settle eventually in what remained of British North America...."

Today, that 'remainder of British North America' is known as Canada and the descendants of those faithful to the Crown comprise the United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada.

Differing classes of UELAC membership allow anyone supporting the aims and objectives of the organisation to join.

I'm proudly a United Empire Loyalist of the Grand River Branch of the UELAC.

Please have a look at my Branch's website:

  Promising new lands....  Rebuilding villages and lives... Peace and order... Looking to new homelands...

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The United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada is a Canadian heritage organisation with members committed to commemorating and celebrating the aspirations of ancestors whose steadfast allegiance to the Crown resulted in persecution,  loss of property and forced emigration after the American Revolution.

These  Loyalists included many of the Native people who fought along side the British.  My ancestor, Chief Joseph Thayendanegea Brant, was instrumental in leading some 2,000 of his followers out of the newly-formed United States and to the safety of Crown land which was given to the Loyal Haudenosaunee out of gratitude.  Originally, this tract extended six miles on either side of the Grand River from its source to the outlet on Lake Erie in Southern Ontario.

Today, part of those lands form the Six Nations of the Grand River Reserve.

Many Loyalists suffered greatly after leaving their homes, property and in many cases, other members of their families who sided with the Rebels.   Where resettlement began in earnest, much of the land needed to be cleared for crops... a lengthy task which delayed food reserves.  Essentially refugees, these people migrated with few goods other than necessities... many possessions of value had already been seized by the vengeful Americans.

One can only imagine the degree of deprivation of these migrating masses.  These people had the courage to stand for their convictions... even when faced with enormous personal loss.

The descendants of these Loyalists have not forgotten the sacrifices of those ancestors.  Regardless of whether one agrees with the principles for which these Loyalists stood,  their integrity and determination should not be underestimated.

The United Empire Loyalists of Canada invite you to explore this chapter of Canadian history.


" Loyalists in the American Revolution were colonists who adhered to the British cause.  They were referred to as "Tories" by the patriots.  While Loyalists came from all social classes and occupations, a great number of them were involved in commerce or were officeholders under the British Crown. John Adams estimated that one-third of the colonials were Loyalists.  The Loyalist cause was strongest in the southern colonies - Georgia and the Carolinas - and in the Mid- Atlantic colonies (especially New York and Pennsylvania).  Opinions on the Declaration of Independence created a sharp dividing line between supporter and opponents of independence.  Feelings against the Loyalists led patriots to enact harsh laws against them, and their lands and estates were often confiscated. "

  Joseph Thayendanegea Brant  

  Joseph Thayendanegea Brant   1743 - 1807

Loyal Ally of the Crown, Joseph Thayendanegea Brant led some 2,000 Native followers to lands in today's Southern Ontario.


Both admired and reviled, Brant's influence is undeniable.


I'm proud to be a descendant of Joseph Thayendanegea Brant.

  HM King George III 

 1738 - 1820 

The Badge of the UELAC consists of a wreath of Red Maple Leaves for Canada and Green Oak Leaves and Acorns for Loyalty and Fidelity.

Each quarter is separated by a Cross Formy, a symbol long used in Heraldry.

The Cypher  GIIIR  is similar to the one actually used by George III whom the Loyalists gave their devotion and service.




Who are willing to serve his Majesty in the


Commanded By


For TWO YEARS, or during the Rebel-

lion, shall upon their being mustered and ap-

proved of by the Inspector-General, receive

Twenty-Five Dollars Bounty.

Whatever Persons are willing to embrace the

present opportunity offered or approving their

Loyalty, let them repair to the Quarters of the

Regiment, at Harlem Heights, or to the

Bull's Head Tavern, at New-York, where an

Officer will attend to receive and entertain them. "

-   -   -

'Cold Comfort'

Charles Pachter



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