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I hesitate to pitch commercial enterprises on this website for the simple fact that our lives already have enough advertising without getting even more product pitches, ads and pop-ups from a jaded ex-corporate refugee.

But  ( read:' Here comes a product pitch '), there's a Canadian business which is such a wonderful source of Haudenosaunee and Native resources, it bears an exception.

The name of the business is GoodMinds.com of Brantford Ontario and it's originator and owner is Jeff Burnham of the Six Nations of the Grand River community.

Over the years, I've done business with Jeff and GoodMinds.com and was impressed by the level of commitment and sincerity of the GoodMinds.com mandate.  And no, I don't have any vested interest by saying so.

Books, videos, music, teaching resources, reference publications and a wealth of other Aboriginal materials are all available through the website.  Trans-border shopping?  Never a problem.

  'The Great Peace - The Gathering of Good Minds'  CD-ROM

Of a particular and spectacular note, a CD-ROM of  Haundeosaunee history, culture and society called 'The Great Peace: The Gathering of Good Minds' is the first and most exhaustive project if its kind.  An interactive experience filled with rich graphics and extensive use of multimedia presentations, 'The Great Peace: The Gathering of Good Minds' is suitable both for school and home environments. 

It remains one of my most treasured Haudenosaunee resources as the Traditional explanation of Iroquois society offers a rare glimpse into a part of our culture not often seen and more often misunderstood.

Although the 'The Great Peace: The Gathering of Good Minds'  CD-ROM is available as a teacher's tool complete with study guide and numerous CD-ROMs, the individual student of Haudenosaunee society will find this to be a fascinating program of interest and information.

Written and produced with great respect, 'The Great Peace: The Gathering of Good Minds' is understood by students of all ages who wish to explore the complex nature of a Confederacy which has been largely ignored or maligned by the dominant society which surrounds it.

This is one exceptional piece of work which I can highly recommend without hesitation.

But as indicated,  GoodMinds.com also has an extensive catalogue which covers much of the First Nations history and society... not exclusively Haudenosaunee material.   Hard to find books or videos on Aboriginal life are available and having one source instead of scouring the internet is a real time saver.

GoodMinds.com lives up to its name.  Education, if only for its own sake, is one of the most important virtues to which a person could ever hope to attain.