"Following a three-month investigation, the report by  a joint U.S.-Canadian task force laid most of the blame for the blackout , which left 50 million people without power,  on Akron, Ohio-based FirstEnergy's equipment, practices and decisions

The report cited "inadequate situational awareness" by FirstEnergy employees, who were unaware that line-monitoring software was not functioning.  Another factor was the company's failure to trim trees that short-circuited three of its high-capacity power lines in Ohio, the report said."

  Forbes.com  :  November 19, 2003 

Why, yes... yes of course  Canada would accept the United States' apology for its chorus of 'Blame Canada' during the Blackout of the Summer of 2003.

It would be the only polite and gracious thing to do.  Proper manners and civility are hallmarks of Canadian society.

Which is most unlike their southern neighbours who are loathe to admit they're wrong... and even more repulsed to offer an apology.

No... Canada has learned being the next door cousin to a rich, loud and pompous brother-in-law often means biting one's tongue in order to keep peace in the family.   You know that kind of relative: drives the newer car, lives in a more expensive house, only vacations in the most glamourous fashion and makes sure everybody else knows about it... in as booming a voice as he can muster.  If he's wrong, everybody knows it but there's never an apology as apologies only imply weakness and fallibility.   Prestige, Power and 'Leadership' is the name of his game.

Faultless.  And usually clueless.  But after a while it grows too tedious to bother arguing... so smiling quietly and nodding is the best resort.

But it's sure great sport to razz the hell out of him in a Canadian website.  And so I shall.

Let's see here.  Oh, what's THIS ??  A transborder investigation committee traced the cause of the Blackout to a power utility in  <<drum roll please>>  O - H - I - O  ???

Waittaminute.   Isn't  O - H - I - O  in the  United States ??   Now I could be wrong ( see? A Canadian trait shows through ) but I'm not familiar with any Province or Territory in Canada called             O - H - I - O .


New York power lines

1996: 4m people hit by electricity outage across nine states

1977: lightning strike leaves New York without power for 25 hours

1965: power loss in north-east US and southern Canada hits 30m people

Sheesh.  Wotta revoltin' development we got here.  Imagine.  Not only was the cause of the Blackout due to some inept and incompetent AMERICAN  power company, but the  AMERICANS  were  WRONG  about the problem originating in Canada.


OK.  Now to be fair ( hey, another Canadian trait ), Canada did a lot of head shaking and It's-Not-Our-Fault's during the Blackout as well.  Canada kept saying, "No, the problem isn't with Canadian power producers or transfer stations... it's with the U.S. side of things".  And guess what?



Oh MY.  Care for some Canadian bacon to go with that egg on the face?  Perhaps a Molson Canadian to wash down that shoe leather? ( Oh... wait... maybe the beer bottles are covered with Mad Cow Disease or SARS cooties.  Never mind... )

We have a tie this year for the 2003 Clueless Big Mouths With Chronic Bad Hair Days Award: the winners are NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and NYS Governor George Pataki who've proven without a shadow of a doubt that a suit and tie have no relevance to competency.  WELL DONE GENTLEMEN !!  Shooting from the lip before facts are determined is always a good tactic to win this esteemed award.  But you managed to corner it this year.

Your constituents must be PROUD of you both.   I know Canadians are.

But I digress.  Let's take a look at some of the comments swirling about during the Blackout, shall we?

"Should we blame the government?
Or blame society?
Or should we blame the images on TV?
No, blame Canada, blame Canada!
With all their beedy little eyes, their flapping heads so full of lies.
Blame Canada, blame Canada!
We need to form a full assault. Its Canada's fault.
... Blame Canada, blame Canada!
It seems that everything's gone wrong since Canada came along.
Blame Canada, blame Canada !
They're not even a real country anyway."

 "Blame Canada "  South Park : The Movie 

Tidbits from Gotham:

" New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said that why the outage happened isn't known, its cause was apparently in Canada.

He said the Northeast power grid is set up to supply power to Canada when it needs it. He said there was a sudden surge in demand in Canada -- a demand U.S. power suppliers couldn't meet. Computers that control the grid began shutting down to prevent damage to the network.

Bloomberg said "there is no doubt" that the demand from Canada caused the grid to fail. Canadian officials insisted the outage originated in America. "                                                         16 August, 2003

-- CNN : 'Lake Erie Loop' focus of blackout probe

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg Explains The Great Blackout Of 2003

At this point we do not know what caused the blackout. Canada  Even though it appears as if it did originate in Ohio we cannot rule out the possibility that it began some place else. Canada  We will get to the bottom of this and discover what and who was ultimately responsible. Canada

Yes, what a JOY it is to have the Large Economy-Sized Mouths of the US as neighbours!  

Not only are they capable of heaping blame where it's not justified, laying accusations when there's no conclusive proof or acknowledging culpability without a hint of an apology, it's a delight to know they're incapable of making mistakes... or even gross incompetence.

(At least that's the bill of goods being shoved down the throats of Canadians.)

The score in THIS bit of a diplomatic gaffe?

Canada : 1 , U.S. : 0

But then, something tells me the international community already knows the score given past performances.

God Bless Canada.