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1           8

One of the fascinating aspects of the World Wide Web is... well... it's accessible world-wide (and here you thought the native canadian had no sense of the obvious).

No, really, think about this: a regular schmoe can throw together some graphics and HTML and voila!  A website is viewed around the world in a matter of seconds (provided all goes right).  The good, the bad and the downright hideous may be viewed from such diverse places as Iqaluit to Bora Bora.  That sort of exposure carries both responsibility and honour as a matter of good taste and respect for the many cultures and societies of the international community.

Naturally, there are those who choose to neglect exercising prudent good taste or presenting - Dame Edna Everage - any semblance of respect for a diverse audience and it is sorely hoped this site is not to be included among them.  While there are unquestionably topics presented in this website which may elicit strong emotions or sentiments, there should never be a doubt of the respect for the viewers regardless of where they may be websurfing.

One of the features my web server folks provide... along with a place to park the hundreds of web pages of the native canadian... is website statistics.  One of the details is a breakdown by country from where the visitor is viewing which is a more interesting feature of the report.

I've come up with this: each week for each country, I'll add or update a flag with a cumulative number of viewers.  Call it more useless data or simply bragging, it might be interesting for viewers to see which countries appear to show an interest in this site.  And some countries are fairly surprising. Just wanted to share some of the site statistics with the audience who are creating the numbers.

(Strangely enough, THIS data analysis has no surreptitious marketing motives or designs to capture demographic information.)

To all the viewers in the International Community  who've taken the time to drop by, Nya:weh!

Hopefully you'll come back and visit often.